Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Epicor 9 Development

As a developer new to Epicor 9, I was dismayed at the lack of 3rd party books, online, tutorials, and documentation. This blog, hopefully, will help other Epicor 9 newbies get up to speed more quickly.

My fellow co-workers have supported the ERP in all its forms (Avante,Vantage 8, and now Epicor 9) for many years, and happy zip around the menus. I, on the other hand, struggle with the most basic of tasks.

For example:

When setting up a new user in training database of Epicor 9, I went to:
1. Epicor USA
2. Main Plant
3. System Management
4. Company Maintaenance
5. and finally User to open up the User Account Mainteneance screen.

I entered some details, unchecked Disable Account, and attempted to save.
I got the error message "Cannot enable a user if the user does not have a company assigned.".

Okay, no problem, I'll assign a company!
When to the company tab, go to select a company from the dropdown list, but, uh-oh, it's empty! Clicking the dropdrown arrow does nothing.

At this point, I must swallow my pride, and ask a co-worker for help. Turns out, you have to tell Epicor you want to add a new company, before you are allowed to select a company.

To assign a new company:
1. Once you get the error message, you must "Undo" button in teh toolbar to undo the unchecking of the disable account checkbox.
2. Click the dropdown arrow next to the ubiquitous "New" icon in the toolbar, and select New Company...
3. Then the Company dropdown is populated, and lets you choose a company.
4. Uncheck disable account.
5. Save.

Apparently, this same methodology applied to anytime you are created one to many records in the system (adding companies to a user, line items to an order, etc.)


  1. I had the same problem for the last 2 days. Thanks for you posting. However, after I selected New Company, a popup said I can't add other companies to the same license. I clicked ok to close the error. Uncheck the Disable Account and then Save. Crazy!

  2. HI, I'm brand new to Epicor 9 and I'm trying to create my 1st BAQ. I'm trying to create a part usage query that totals the quantity of parts used in each of the last 12 full fiscal periods. I'm using the parttran and fiscalperiod tables. My problem is with the calculated fields. I've created fields that represent the fiscal period of the 1st and last of the 12 periods in a CCYYMM format. Then in the period calculated fields I try to use those previously calculated fields of BEGFP and ENDFP but it doesn't work. It behaves as if the calcd fields within the calcd fields are blank.
    If I hard code a value in place of the BEGFP and ENDFP fields it works.
    The documentation says you can use calculated fields in other calculated fields in a summary BAQ if it's in a TOTAL, AVERAGE or COUNT calculation. These are in TOTAL calculations.

    Does anyone have any ideas about how to fool the BAQ into using these fields?

    Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.
    Also are there any manuals that would help me with the systax of complicated Progress statements?

  3. Good to find blog talking about Epicor9, Our Organisation is about to deplay epicor Financial Management, a client company is doing some customisation for us. Is there an evaluation version for downloading, I want to get used to it because I will be responsible for supporting

  4. Thank you for your notes on assigning a company to a user!