Thursday, October 27, 2011

What is the Epicor ICE SDK?

A couple people have asked me if I know what the Epicor ICE SDK (aka. Vantage SDK) is.

Here is all I know about the Software Developer's Kit:

  1. It allows you to customize the Epicor itself by adding new tables, business objects, and forms.

  2. It seems to be geared more for developing features which run inside of Epicor, as opposed to integrating Epicor with other systems.

  3. There is no trial version to try before you buy.

  4. The best place to find out more is to ask your sales rep. He or she should be able to email you some PDFs regarding the capabilities.

  5. It's not cheap.

If anyone has any experience with it, please comment below, or, if you have something more to say, I can post an entry for you.